Other distributors of the HKL-2000 / HKL-3000 package

Rigaku Americas Corporation
HKL-3000R customized for RAXIS-IV++, RAXIS-HTC (RAXIS-VII), Saturn 724, Saturn 944, Saturn A200, and ScreenMachine, as well as HKL-2000 for RAXSIS-IIc, RAXIS-III (RAPID), RAXIS-IV, RAXIS-V, Saturn 70, Saturn 92. In addition,  Rigaku offers the HKL-3000R program for Pilatus 200K and 300K detectors.

Rigaku Corporation
HKL-2000 for all IP and CCD detectors manufactured by Rigaku in Japan.

Bruker AXS, Inc.
The HKL-2000 package, customized for Bruker detectors for analysis of the diffraction data from biological macromolecules is distributed exclusively by Bruker AXS, Inc. Please contact Bruker AXS, Inc. directly.