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Using Mac OSX 10.10 and 10.11, the initial rendering of each window is slow, but once the interface is loaded it works normally. Additionally, if the ‘Peak Search’ button on the Index page is used before the image has been displayed, the Xdisp window will close. The workaround for this is to first display the image using the use ‘Display’ button prior to performing a peak search. See the Hardware & Operating Systems page for more details.

This version incorporates corrections for the ADSC pad HF-4M  and Dectris Eiger 16M formats, and the blind region input for non-zero 2theta data sets. The anomalous mean I/sigma value reported by the scaling report and the list of loaded data sets were also corrected. The last used directory is now remembered in file dialog. 

New features in the version 708c include:

  • Update of the Bruker format

  • Resolution is now displayed on scaled data sets widgets on project page

  • Auto refine option has been added to the integration page. During integration, each cycle will be refined until changes are 0.

Version 708 of the HKL-2000 program for the Linux and Mac OS X (Intel) platforms has been released.  New features include:

  • support for Dectris Eiger detectors
  • Check HKL setup" window shows license expiration date
  • Select / Unselect menu was added to the data page. It allows to select or unselect all sets from integration or scaling
  • Integrate page fix mosaicity, crossfire and distance were corrected
  • "no merge" original index" option was added to the scale page
  • Scalepack does not set Rmerge to zero in cases when it is higher then 1
  • Scalepacklvirus limits were increased. Maximum number of reflections was increased from 32M to 55M, maximum number of rejections was increased from 200k to 300K.

HKL-2000/ HKL-3000 software will be presented at the Data Processing and Structure Solution Workshop at the CCP4/APS Crystallography School, June 16 - 23, 2015 at Argonne National Lab. The workshop was conducted byDominka Borek from the University of Texas Southwerstern Medical Center. 

The HKL-3000 Pre-Conference Workshop at the ICSG 2015 was held on June 7, 2015 at the Weizmann Institute.

New version of the HKL-2000 program - release 706c for the Linux and Mac OS X (Intel) platforms has been released. 

In the version 706c it is again possible to Load a site file form the site configuration window. The new version recognizes Bruker detector Photon 100.

The reference paper for the HKL-2000/HKL software has made it to the list of 100 most highly cited scientific papers.  With over 28 thousand citations it reached the 23rd position.