I would like to be able to blank out the region of the imaging plate blocked by the beam stop. I have tried ignore circle centre_x centre_y radius and that works to get no predictions in a circular area. Is there an equivalent ignore rectangle command?

Use: ignore circle 96. 98. 8 (ignore circle of radius 8mm centered at 96. 98).

ignore quadrilateral 199.4 81.2

108.8 98.4

109.5 92.9

199.4 74.8

These are the four corners of quadrilateral to be ignored. Note that order of the 4 corners matter, they have to be input in counterclockwise order.

Comments: We've discovered the utility of the ignore commands in Denzo to really define the beam stop shadow. The data is weak enough that reflections behind the beam stop don't always get rejected in Scalepack. The ignore circle command works fine. Very handy.


The ignore bar also works but gives either a vertical bar (R-axis) or something that looks like a very thin line at an angle. The thin line is only detectable because the pattern of overlapped reflections is altered. Can this bar be made horizontal?

Do not use ignore bar. Use ignore quadrilateral instead.