Questions and answers

This chapter presents a selection of the questions sent to HKL Research as well as to the program authors over the past few years. They were selected to illustrate points, which may not be clearly covered in Denzo and Scalepack manuals. Answers are by Zbyszek Otwinowski and Wladek Minor. 


How to reference HKL?

Any publication arising from use of the HKL program package should contain the following reference:

Z. Otwinowski and W. Minor, " Processing of X-ray Diffraction Data Collected in Oscillation Mode ", Methods in Enzymology, Volume 276: Macromolecular Crystallography, part A, p.307-326, 1997,C.W. Carter, Jr. & R. M. Sweet, Eds., Academic Press (New York).

Recent questions

Answers to the most recently asked questions and problems.


General topic headings